When I first visited Hinunangan in 1997, I thought I should explore all of Hinunangan the next time I visited.  In 2009, I went back to Hinunangan decided to “walk” all around Hinunangan.  I didn’t realize Hinunangan was such a big place – I thought that Panalaron was all of Hinunagnan – but there are 40 barangays.  To get around I walked to some barangays but I mostly got around by motorbike.

A barangay is a way to further subdivide a city or municipality in the Philippines. In Tagalog, it means “village” or “ward”. The word originated from balangay, a kind of boat used by a group of Austronesian peoples when they migrated to the Philippines. As the smallest administrative division, each barangay is headed by elected officials. It is typically composed of a Captain and Council.

This page chronicles my experiences visiting the different barangays.  I hope to update this page with other people’s experiences, pictures and stories as well.

Hinunangan Barangay Map

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