Bancas A

Right past Poblacion there are the Barangays Bancas A and Bancas B.  Not sure what Bancas means or why there is an “A” and a “B”, but I do know that the cemetery is located in Bancas A, right past San Pedro street.


As I was walking to the cemetery one hot summer morning, I stumbled upon this wild beast just hanging out by the side of the road.  He didn’t seem to mind me getting up close and personal – it was a nice looking creature, whatever it was.


In the States, most of the cemeteries I’ve been to have the coffins under the ground, but in Hinunangan there are some very nice mausoleums with beautiful tiles and decorative tombstones.  I hope I don’t offend the family of the deceased pictured below, but this is an example of how nice some of the mausoleums are.  It shows the tremendous respect the Hinunangnon people show for the deceased.


But such extravagant resting places are expensive, and they aren’t for everyone, so throughout the cemetery you will see tombstones on the ground and tombstones stacked on top of each other.  This is something I’ve never seen in the states.