Traveling to Hinunangan has gotten much easier recently. As you can see on the map to the right, Hinunangan is located on the eastern shore of the island of Leyte in the Philippines archipelago. The nearest large town is Tacloban city to the North.

Getting there
If you are planning to fly to Hinunangan from anywhere outside the Philippines, your port of entry is either Ninoy Aquino International in Manila (MNL) or Mactan International in Cebu (CEB).

While Philippine Airlines is the national carrier, several international airlines travel to these two airports such as: Cathay PacificQatar AirwaysChina Air, and Korea Air.

Mactan International Airport will be the closest to Hinunangan but it also has the least selection of International flights. If you arrive from Manila, you can probably take a regional flight to Cebu which should only take about an hour.

After arriving in Cebu, you can take the Ferry to Ormoc on the western shore of Leyte. You can take either Cebu Ferries or SuperCat .

The Cebu Ferry journey takes about 4 hours and you should expect to pay about 360Php (or ~$8USD) one way for a basic class ticket. SuperCat takes about 2 hours and you should expect to pay about 625Php (or ~$14USD) one way for a basic class ticket. From there it’s about a 4 hour drive through rough country roads to Hinunangan. You can catch either ferry at:

Pier 4, North Reclamation Area, Cebu City (map)

Note that on either ferry, you will also need to pay the terminal fee which is 25Php.

Another option is to fly into Manila and then take a regional flight to Daniel Z Romualdez Airport inTacloban City (TAC). Philippines AirlinesCebu Pacific Airlines, and Zest Air all provide air travel to this airport. This is a 1 hour flight that puts you closer to Hinunangan since Tacloban is on the eastern shore. Philippine airlines has flights from Manila to Tacloban. From there, you will need to hire a car service to take you on the 2 hour ride to Hinunangan from Tacloban via Abuyog.

You can check for flights using the widget to the right.

In case you are curious, here the distances between Hinunangan and common ports of embarkment – distance is in miles, as the crow flies. In reality, the distance may be greater due to the route the airline takes:

San Francisco, USA
Johannesburg, South Africa
Frankfurt, Germany
6,794 Buenos Aires, Argentina10,761
Sydney, Australia
3,506 London, England7,075
New York, USA8,708 Dubai, UAE
Tokyo, Japan
1,971 Cairo, Eqypt6,099

Staying there
As a small town, Hinunangan has limited hotel options. If you want to stay within Hinunangan proper, you can try the following hotel: (there are pictures of the hotel on the Poblacion page).

Tia Pacita Hotel
Labrador Street
Poblacion, Hinunangan 6608

Phone: 09184617788

If you are looking for more of a resort experience, you can try the Hotel Dona Marta which is located on Tahusan Beach.

Dona Marta
Tahusan Beach Road
Tahusan, Hinunangan 6608

Phone: +63 917 304 0805

You can also learn more information from the Hinunagnan Tourism

This page has more information about the different Barangays in Hinunangan.

Transportation within the town proper is more easily achieved via tricycle (motorized bike) or the more manual pedi-cab (also known as a “put-put”). The tricycle is very similar to the “tuk tuk” in Thailand or the Auto-Rickshaw in India. It’s basically a motor bike with a passenger side car bolted onto the side. While it can be a relatively dangerous mode of transportation on the crowded city streets of India, there is far less traffic in the provinces. Most likely, you will find a pedi-cab which is basically a manually powered bike with a passenger side car.


Hinunangan, Philippines