A visit in 2008

By guest blogger Kurt Nordquist

We went in 2008 back when Elen , Rose’s sister was still alive. ¬†Elen Vergie Arnold and Melvin were great to have there. Arnold took me around. Its great to have a nephew who knows where to go and not go. Camped out on the island. Went barbecuing, snorkeling, lounged around, Its cool when youre swimming with your wife the love of your life and the young nephew swims out with a perfectly mixed Coke and Tanduay. That could never happen in America. Land of the used-to-be-free. Might retire there. Is it true Hinunangan has free wi-fi now?

Nipa's Waters Edge

Lisa and her four daughters

Junior's water buffalo

Elen, Vergie, and Arnold

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